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Whether your tribe meets online or in person, quilting is all about community and we're honored to join your team! Thank you for sharing your art, your stories, and your passion with us. 

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Lilypad Lake sources the best wool for a pressing pad that'll last a lifetime

Our high-grade wool is carefully sorted to select only the finest fibers. Our wool is never bleached or dyed, and it has no synthetic fillers. These mats are made from one ingredient only: 100% Carbonized New Zealand Wool, no added chemicals.

The difference between our mat and the competition is stark. We've worked hard to achieve consistent coloring, densely packed fibers, and a smooth surface for the best ironing experience possible.  

Fast-Track Your Quilting

Thick wool pressing pads make quick work of any faric!

Tired of flipping fabric swatches and clothes over and over while you iron? Ironing mats can cut that time in half. Wool holds onto the heat from your iron then radiates it back up into your fabric, essentially ironing from both sides at once.  

And since these wool pressing mats have a slim profile, you'll be able to store them either near or on your sewing table. No more trips back and forth to the ironing board while you're working through a pile of blocks! 

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